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One Down, Two To Go…   1 comment

Here we go. The “Holiday season” is upon us. There’s no turning back, and it mimics some crazy expensive bounce house. The shopping funds and bank account will not be the same for the next 6 weeks.

I’ve decided to hang up black Friday, and I’m more than ok with it. Memories of waiting outside in the freezing, dark parking lot with a flock of desperate bargain seekers had it’s way of reinforcing the fact that I’m missing nothing. As a matter of fact, staying home gives me the feeling of taking a day off as if I snuck away with it.

Being aware that the prices are dropped on special items, the cost is compensated elsewhere, and the consumer is paying it. Stores are in the retail business, not the charity one. Unless only special markdown items are purchased, there isn’t really a deal. Why shop and stick to the list though? Impossible for me. Getting to the store alone is difficult, and I may as well pick up as much as possible when the opportunity has presented itself. Overall, there may be a dime saved on black Friday, but not enough dimes to pay the price of rude fellow shoppers and never ending lines.

We never financially plan or prepare for Christmas. In fact, right about September, I typically get put on the spending freeze. Quite irritating really, and I’m dumbfounded each year when I’m forbidden to spend any money 10 weeks out from Christmas. By February, we will return to throwing it away again, only to be caught with our pants around our ankles within a few months. Every single year I tell myself to plan, and I fail miserably.

Besides that, I’m floored at my children’s wish lists. My 9 year is asking for a pink laptop. News flash kid: your not getting a laptop. While she has a $500 request, the 8 year old is begging for a new DSi, and the funniest request is 4 year old johns’ dream to have his own iPod touch. So, it appears that we will be certain to have disappointed children on Christmas morning, and that’s perfectly OK. As a result, maybe the real meaning of Christmas will shine, and these spoiled brats will begin to appreciate all of the things they do have.

I’m going to eat chocolate pie and become a hero as I allow the kids to polish it off as I call it “dinner”.


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