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New Years Eve   3 comments


It’s overrated. The fanciness, the plans, having someone to kiss at midnight. Really, it’s just another Saturday night. Leaving the house is certainly an overdose of drunks talking gibberish, and dancing like teenage girls while spilling their drinks and cackling. Not that I don’t plan on being one of them, because after all, if you can’t beat them, may as well join them.

When I was a kid, it was “pots and pans” day. We would always have a babysitter, and as children we struggled to stay up super late if we could manage it. At midnight, we would take sets of pots and pans to the front porch in hopes of making the most noise possible. The thought of banging cookware together right now is a cringing one, and it forces me to think of Advil over fun times. Funny as it may be, since “pots and pans” day was called just that, I had never related it to the official title of “New Years Eve”. Upon growing older, I had always wondered what happened to that day until it finally dawned on me in my twenties. A little late, yes, but better late than never.

As it goes, the sitter will arrive, the children will act like maniacs on a sugar high while I struggle to get ready for this overrated holiday that seems to force me out of the house wearing a sparkly shirt. Before too long, I predict I’ll be sporting some cardboard glittery head band while joining the drunks on the dance floor, and giggling like a 13 year old as fellow dancers bump into me causing my drink to slosh.

What’s the point? To assure that over half of Americans start the fresh year with a killer headache and severe fatigue? Doesn’t sound good, but the pizza place will certainly get my business as I attempt to recover from a late night with small children who will be sure to awaken by 7am. I will curse myself for last nights festivities as I scurry around the house with my pounding head in effort to prepare for the finally ending Christmas break.

So, if your one of the fortunate to stay home or refrain from the cocktails, be aware that you are getting a head start on your year over the party goers. Some of us may even feel bad through Monday. Happy New Year.


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