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The Tunes We Choose   Leave a comment

Like our preferences for anything, each of us have our own unique taste and attraction towards whatever it is that seems to draw us in, and music is no exception. The tunes we connect with individually seem to provide therapy. Our favorite tracks tend to soothe, excite, inspire and rejuvenate us, and more often than not, can alter our mood. Thanks to technology, we have been afforded the luxury of user friendly gadgets containing our library of therapy available at all times.

In it’s absence, music would be sorely missed. Imagine a round of cardio with no tunes. I’m not capable of darting out the front door in running shoes without the upbeat blaring excercise favorite that jump-starts my workout. Never fails to get me moving, and my body is trained to respond with running feet. The thought of taking off down the street on foot with only my racing heart and panting breaths to tune into, is enough to keep me indoors.

The magic of music is the flexibility and opportunity for each listener to interpret the meaning of a song as it relates to their own experiences. Song lyrics tend to describe our feelings when we crave an explanation, and sharing our favorite tracks is often used as a means of communication. The moments when we find ourselves at a loss for words are cured by the right song. Music provides solace when the message is something we can relate to or identify with. In turn, we become attached to certain tunes for personal reasons, but we don’t all love the same song for the same reasons.

It is never our position to judge or act critical towards others musical preferences, especially when we don’t care for it ourselves. As long as I don’t have to listen to repetitive plays of “Red Solo Cup,” I’m typically up for anything. Getting past our comfort level of a favorite genre, and opening up to unfamiliar ones can prove to be rewarding. If your one of those stuck to the same category of tunes since high school, then stop out of the box (And get ready for Casey James) 🙂 Ha!


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Nice Work Dad   5 comments

Looks like another sleepless night around here as I stand my post. Administering Gatorade and ibuprofen at 1am never fails to rob me of much needed zzzz’s. A sick cherub forces me into working what feels like overtime in my never ending role as “mom”, but we all know that it comes with the territory.

Dad is almost humerous in his efforts to nurture a sick child. While I allow him to think he’s the commander, I secretly take my “bed away from bed”, aka, the living room couch in order to oversee the situation. I can hear everything from here, and the old leather couch is surprisingly cozy.

Intently refraining from busting out in laughter as I peer in on dads caretaking efforts, I cannot help but reminisce about never ending nights of sick children that seemed to have transformed me from a rookie to a pro. Its no secret that moms have all the tricks of the trade. Witnessing dads efforts to break a fever starkly resemble myself 10 years ago when I was still wearing my mom training wheels.

Nonetheless, I should appreciate his efforts, and refrain from criticism. Wearing my doctor hat in the middle of the night, I silently diagnose the child, send dad out to grab the meds, offer my guidance as if it isn’t fact, and then step back and watch while secretly running the show. Then, from my hideout, I spy the sick child sitting up with an iPod, and dad is snoring. Wonder why mom has all the tricks of the trade?

So, my husband that earned his stripes for effort, since you crashed out, here’s what happened…A cough and a fever occur in our household approximately 6x a year. That’s once for each of us and an extra for Jake. It’s viral, and the doctor can’t do anything. But that’s ok, we got this. John tolerates a fever well, and allowing him to keep fighting it is in his best interest for his future immunity. When he can’t tolerate the fever any longer, give a dose of motrin a little less than the recommended. You want to take the edge off, but not make him feel so great that he begins looking for the dog. Spend waking episodes providing clear fluids, and Mountain Dew doesn’t qualify. He will be fine, and back to his naughty mischief by morning. Now that it’s 3am, and the entire house is comfortable and snoozing, it is my turn to catch 3 hours of sleep…except now Jake is up coughing.


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Into the Night   Leave a comment

The children were fast asleep all tuckered out from a typical weekend of birthday parties, sleep overs and sports. My husband crashed on the couch only feet away from the scene. Rising at 4:30 in order to gain a head start on the week isn’t uncommon for a Monday, and minutes were consumed performing the morning ritual of cramming dirty laundry in the washer while keeping a watchful eye out for clean school uniforms. As I tiptoed across the hard wood flooring through the kitchen, I recognized the obvious vacancy on the planning desk that was typically consumed by a laptop. Feeling jolted, and straining to recall what I had done with it, nothing was surfacing. Moments later, a vague recollection of slapping it shut came to mind along with the sudden recognition of my missing purse.

As a feeling of dread washed over me, I darted through the eery silence to alarm my sleeping husband of my suspicions. The thoughts of someone coming into my home was growing heavier with each rapid step. It was seeming to be the only explanation, and last resort in a household of vanished items as everyone slept. Unforgettable seconds resembled minutes during my race towards the children’s rooms. Actually wondering if they were under their covers proved to be an indescribable moment of sheer panic.

Surely someone had slipped through the back sliding glass door, since it remained unlocked. Within seconds, the laptop, purse and my spouses wallet were swiped. The culprit slid out just as quickly as he had arrived. Thieves darted into the freezing night with my belongings that hold so little value to them and so much to me.

The morning ticked away quickly as we responded to investigative questions, and attempted to wipe up endless amounts of fingerprint dust. One detailed fingerprint had been lifted, but my hopes of finding this fearless criminal were not high. The daydreaming thoughts intermittently caused my mind to wander toward the fairly unrealistic idea of a cracked case.

Occasionally, a crime is solved by some miraculous order of events. Clearly evident in this case, as the precision and heroic efforts of a separate victim, like myself, was hot on the case. With an attempt to replace his stolen goods by searching online, he stumbled upon his own belongings, and decided to buy his things back.

After contacting police and setting up a time and place to purchase what was his to begin with, he knocked on the door occupied by the so-called “seller”, aka, the bad guys according to my 8 year old. Upon opening the door, police took the two suspects by surprise as they charged the resided hotel room, and discovered my belongings.

Being reunited with personal items after time spent with a couple of criminals is bitter sweet. Visions of my possessions traveling the path with a desperate stranger tend to resonate in my mind. At one given point in time, and out of my control, others had randomly decided that my things should be theirs.

As the suspects were apprehended, and hopefully soon to be sentenced for a decade, I cannot control my thoughts toward their families. I imagine at only 21 and 23 years old, that their parents are still alive to experience such a nightmare. While I was graciously reunited with my things, and granted a large dose of peace of mind, another mother was overwhelmed with feelings of failure, disappointment and extreme sadness. My Walmart laptop purchase at Christmastime had become someone else’s ride to jail. In a moments notice, my prayers strangely transformed from my feelings of safety to praying for the men who had taken it away.

To view the newscast click here.

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Valentine’s What?   Leave a comment

Here we go again, another one of those commercial holidays. Catholics are the only ones to celebrate “Feast” days, but this one is different. This isn’t even on the Catholic calendar any longer since there is nothing known concerning St. Valentine except his existence and the meaning of the word.

So, what’s the big ruckus? Another overrated holiday? I’m sure of it. Quite possibly, retailers have nabbed up the opportunity to put stuffed animals with hearts on them along with a colorful display of candy in order to drum up business. Well, it works, and I find myself refusing to participate as this retailer concocted holiday only dents my wallet, and we don’t need any more stuffed animals for the dog to consume.

Couples don’t need a declared day to celebrate or recognize their love. It’s definitely more meaningful for a husband to arrive home with roses on a random day over an assigned one. People have grown to expect a gift from a significant other on Valentines day, and it becomes the topic of radio shows, conversation, and even tv series will incorporate the idea. It’s practically entertaining to think of all the silly shoppers who fret over a last minute obligatory gift to ensure they don’t walk in the door empty handed.

To the single ladies, especially, just sit back and giggle. No need to feel left out on this one, because you are missing nothing. If you feel the need for some candy, go buy some. If your worried about the sentimental stuffed animal, I’ll send you one. Ill attempt to wipe the dog drool off of it first.

Instead of the store bought junk, live everyday recognizing your blessings. Realize that a gift and even some words mean nothing compared to your actions that truly demonstrate your feelings. Don’t waste time saying your sorry, act like your sorry. Forgive, and try to forget.

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