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Who is Casey James?   19 comments

Armed with an upbringing rich in musical exposure, a God given talent, the strength to fight adversity, and an arsenal of guitars, Casey James began his journey as a Sony/BNA 19 recording artist in 2010. For the Cool, Texas native who could sing before he could even talk, the dream of having a record, has finally arrived. “I’m going to work as hard as I possibly can to respect the benefits and the gifts that I have been blessed with,” Casey explained. Having a hand in every second of creating his album; from co-producing with Chris Lindsey, to covering his own guitar work, and co-writing 9 of the 11 album tracks, all of which is practically unheard of especially for a new artist.

Today, people see a pretty boy who can beat up a guitar and even hum the crowd into a trance, not to mention his bluesy, tender, sultry vocals. Casey James is more than blonde locks and a handsome face. A proud product of humble beginnings, his childhood was rich in musical exposure. Mom Debra James facilitated a strong musical background for both of her boys, Billy Cole and Casey Everett, to the point that they are both extremely talented musicians with a freakish range of musical knowledge and influences. Billy Cole, who is 7 years older than little brother Casey, is currently performing throughout Texas with the Matt Kimbrow Band playing bass guitar. Talented and handsome, BC seems to have inherited the James family traits.

By 17 years old, Casey was working as a musician. By 22, he was wheel chair bound, and suffered severe injuries as the result of a near fatal motorcycle accident. No ability to turn his left wrist, and not capable of walking, the young musician began his fight. It didn’t happen overnight, but by 27, Casey James had conquered the ability to re-learn how to walk, kill the guitar, and had returned to his life as a working musician. Playing gig after gig, for practically free, until his fingers bled, Casey James felt blessed to be alive, and was happy to just do what he loved.

In 2009, Casey caught a break; an opportunity in which he wouldn’t waste a snippet of, by earning a spot on the hit TV show, American Idol, season 9. Taking the bronze in 2010, his farewell performance of John Mayers’ “Daughters,” didn’t signify the end of the road for Casey. In fact, this was just the beginning of the order of events that unfolded into today.

As of March 20, 2012, Casey James finally has an album in stores. The magic of his music is the repertoire of blues, Texas country, folk, pop and rock that uniquely sets his style apart from other artists today. This melting pot of genres could be just what the music world is craving today. “Casey James” collaboration of tracks conveys messages of heartache, solace, longing, faith, simple pleasures, triumphs, and especially love. The album is well crafted as the tunes reveal a story line when played in sequential order. The last track should be seen as a bonus, perhaps, as Casey tells a story of its own during this one, and he personally describes it as passionate, intense, deep, and emotional. It’s a thought, a piece of Casey that he has chosen to share with his listeners. Titled “Miss Your Fire,” the tender yet whispering vocals showcase an attractive and sultry Casey. You may purchase the album online at iTunes and Amazon, and it also available in stores.

After a two-year wait, Casey James fans are more than anxious for the rest of the world to discover what they have known for years.For the original fans who have literally waited, tweeted, voted, traveled, and stepped outside of their comfort zone to promote Casey’s music; the insane transformation and creative process has unfolded before our eyes. We have felt a tiny part of his journey, and witnessing great things happening to him, causes us to feel joyous and proud. We have witnessed his music evolve from that first night on stage opening for Sugarland, to Nashville’s Country Music Festival Lays stage, the release of his first single, the Opry debut, and finally the album debut. The experience has been unforgettable. Friendships were built, and strong ties with the James family unexpectedly grew as they so openly accepted us.

During the past two years, we have celebrated many milestones: from the signing with Sony/BNA 19, the move to Nashville, endless debuts, the release of his first single, a title of “country musics next biggest star,” a 2nd Opry stage performance, and the wait for the first album is over. Many dedicated supporters have worn out this first record, and are ready for the second. Our support is still needed more than ever.

Inside the CD cover, you will find Casey’s thank you that begins, “First of all I’d like to thank God for letting me live long to enough to make an album.”


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Naughty Bella   7 comments


As the worlds naughtiest dog owner, I continuously find myself in a bind as a result of her bad choices. If naughty Bella were human, she would be one of those sweet and loving children with a raging case of ADHD along with the desire for freedom like a wild teenager craving to cut the home ties. Like most of those affected with ADHD, she is highly intelligent, so her strategic escape plans tend to outsmart all of us. Blessed with good looks, her cuteness saves her, because I often want to kill the stubborn canine.

Growing up with cats, I was never a dog lover, and don’t think that naughty Bella is turning me into one. Cats don’t eat all your underpants or wolf down your pizza order from the kitchen counter without even chewing. I don’t really like cats either though. Their poofy hair balls make me sneeze and cause me to scratch my own eyes out until I resemble a blood shot zombie. For months, Bella has reeked havoc as she spent her days chewing up half the house. If she didn’t eat it, she crapped on it, and she strives to maintain her mischief while creating a load of chaos for me.

One of my favorite incidents was recently when naughty Bella darted like a rocket blasting off right through the invisible fence line of the front yard in order to chase my minivan as we drove away. I feel forced to admit that it is a little endearing to witness her willpower to endure the shock in hopes of catching up with us. Mimicking a cheetah, her sprinting legs moved so quickly that I was forced to hault in the middle of the street or risk hitting her. My fear was how long and far she would follow us. As usual, I didn’t have extra minutes to spare, and my naughty dog was at large in the neighborhood. I reluctantly opened the sliding minivan door for her to climb in. Already feeling defeated, I find myself annoyed at her once again. Naughty dogs always have tricks, and she has mastered all of them by the age of one. She proceeded to stand in the middle of the street while refusing to acknowledge my efforts of accommodation. As a last resort, I enthusiastically called her name to join my taxi excursion to run children to practices and playdates. Her stubbornness caused me to resign, close the door, and proceed, but as predicted, she began to chase the car once again.

Naughty Bella was on a mission to manipulate the situation in such a way that I would eventually welcome her into my taxi. After the third attempt, she finally pleased each of us by jumping in the van, and settled into the shotgun position with her head out the window and an evil grin on her cheek.

This mornings mischief topped all of them. Naughty Bella forced her way into the minivan for the morning ride to school. With our typical lack of spare minutes, I once again had to resign, and fight the clock in order to prevent another tardy. Upon our arrival to school, I proceeded to open the sliding door of my taxi, and instead of the children piling out with backpacks, the naughty monster dog beat them to it. The children never get out of the car quickly at school, but within a tenth of a second, I found myself alone in the van while watching my passengers run down the exit lane of the parking lot.

Of course I’m unprepared, once again. Sporting my hello kitty jammie pants, and feeling apprehensive to get out of the car grew overwhelming especially when I realized the fact that I was missing two shoes. Clogging up the drop off line while I processed the events taking place, and pulling forward, I shouted at the kids to get inside the school and leave the mischief monster to mom. Many seconds ticked by during my attempt to convince the children to leave the escape artist and get inside. By the time they obeyed, I had lost track of the dog. When I began my desperate search for her, she had vanished without a trace.

There was no sight of naughty Bella, and each disappearing minute caused my panic to escalate. Thankfully, a friend offered to pick up where I had left off in order for me to regroup. I began my hysterical drive towards home in search of shoes, pants without hello kitty heads on them, and high hopes of returning with my husband in tow for reinforcement.

As I screeched into the driveway and flew into the house, my cell phone started jumping in my hand with a “blocked” caller ID. Anticipating the call to be the solution to my missing naughty Bella, I quickly slammed my finger on the answer button. Naughty Bella was found in the school cafeteria. Perfect. I couldn’t wait to trade my appearance for a more acceptable one in order to get up there and kill her. Obviously a sense of urgency was in order since there was a mischievous canine inside the “Bulldog Cafe”. I would provide the details, but under the circumstances, I wasn’t up for a conversation describing the order of events that led to the eventual capture of my dog that landed her at school with my children. Thank you to the school principal for spotting naughty Bella, and allowing her to chase, lick, and jump all over everyone while keeping her safe.

Naughty Bella returns.

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