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I easily recall slouching in my seat near the front of church while sitting next to my sister who resembled my twin wearing the same white eyelet Easter dress, including the purse and sandals. Easter morning memories are consumed with vivid thoughts of peeking outside in hopes of spying the tiniest glimpse of a colored Easter Egg. Twenty years later, my children tend to do the same, and I cannot control the giggle that erupts in my belly as I relate to exactly how they feel.

Spotting an egg prematurely just gives you an edge, a silent head start that could be extremely useful in the race against siblings over smelly, yet attractive looking eggs. Providing a starting point in mind, a premature egg spotting, in a sense, maps out the plan to conquer.

Something always goes awry though. It never fails, that someone else shows up sharp as a tack that day. Seeming to have particularly and sudden sharp vision, someone will become the Egg hunt champion. Everyone is fighting hard to win, but really why? Surely the children aren’t collecting rotten eggs to eat. Not me anyway. After my dad forced me to eat brown farm eggs that tasted like bugs, I haven’t touched another egg, and I probably never will.

The children run like maniacs in their attempt to get the most rotten eggs, meanwhile, it provides free entertainment for any adult. The only drawback is that someone will lose. Losing the egg hunt may very well turn into a devastating experience. Last place prizes are highly recommended in my opinion.

Don’t miss this video of the loser, and the lesson. Please excuse my continuous laughter while filming. Enjoy.


Posted April 9, 2012 by Casey James Weekly in Uncategorized

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